Tamara Mimran: Merchandising Director of Mimran Group Inc., Board Member of Peekaboo Beans Inc.

How do brands stay relevant in the changing retail market?

To discuss this and much more, I connected with Tamara Mimran, Merchandising Director at Mimran Group Inc. and newly appointed Director at Peekaboo Beans Inc. (CSE:BEAN).

If the name “Mimran” sounds familiar to you, here’s why: the Mimran family are behind some of Canada’s most famous fashion lines, such as Club Monaco and Alfred Sung. Both brands have developed into global names, largely in part to Mimran Group’s ability to scale and develop companies for major growth.

In this interview, Tamara touches on the importance of relating to the customer and creating unique, high-quality items that feel exclusive without breaking the bank. With her ability to develop brands and products for global distribution, Tamara discusses how she expects the retail market to grow, and what aspects she believes will help Peekaboo Beans excel.

As the Merchandising Director of Mimran Group, what are you currently focusing on?

Mimran Group is a licensing company; we own the Alfred Sung brand worldwide and we license out the rights of the brand to all different companies that are experts in their respective categories. For example, we have Revlon-Arden as our fragrance licensee; some experts out of New York as our watch licensee, and so on in terms of our product categories.

I manage branding and product development with those licensees. We also recently started a sister company to Mimran Group called Impeccable Clothing Company which runs Alfred

Sung’s bespoke line. We create custom bespoke clothing for men and women, so within 2-3 weeks we can turn around a fully-customized tailored piece.

Can you speak more to Alfred Sung’s bespoke line?

Of course. At Alfred Sung, we currently launched a new business that is bespoke custom clothing for men and women—with a strong focus on women. We wanted to go back to the roots of the brand which was dressing the emerging working woman of the 1980s. We did a soft launch earlier this summer and are preparing for our larger launch and event, which will highlight women’s success in business. We plan on having various female CEOs attend and speak to their accomplishments.

You recently joined Peekaboo Beans’ Board of Directors. What inspired you to join the team?

I met Traci two years ago and I’ve always been very impressed with her ability to be such a strong woman in the capital markets and hold her own in a very male-dominated industry.

Her message with Peekaboo Beans is also very powerful and I can really relate to the key points the brand speaks to, such as the power of play and the development of children.

What changes do you expect to see within the retail market industry? How can brands stay on top of this?

I see the market focussing on the omnichannel approach with an emphasis on the experience with customer. The customer wants to be able to relate to the brand and to know that the brand is speaking to them. I honestly believe that customers are getting sick of mass-produced garments—and that doesn’t mean that they have to be highly expensive and luxurious—they just want something that feels unique and special to them.

Brands with great values that are able to speak to the customer will continue to succeed in the changing retail climate.

Where do you see Peekaboo Beans growing to within the next few years?

I love Peekaboo’s vision in general and I love that Traci is expanding the company across the various channels—online, pop-up stores and so on. I think Traci has a great ability to navigate the market and pivot when it’s necessary. Being able to watch and follow trends in the market and in fashion is how I believe Peekaboo will excel, and I’m excited to lend a hand with building Peekaboo Beans into an international brand.

What advice would you give to women hoping to enter the corporate world of fashion?

Have confidence and be able to adjust and pivot—that’s really important. Also, don’t take things too personally and try to get out there; if you sit back and wait for things to come to you it’s never going to happen.

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