Positive Industry News In the Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Market

One of the largest two-way radio manufacturers, JVCKenwood made a significant $10M USD investment into Sonim this month. The technology company manufactures ultra-rugged phones with sales around the world. Sonim uses Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) in their rugged phones  and market for the mobile worker (Oil & Gas, construction, first responders etc). Siyata Mobile Inc. (TSX-V:SIM | OTC PINK:SIMFF) meanwhile focuses on the commercial fleet and vehicle market, and also sells devices that contain the Push-to-Talk Over Cellular technology.

This is extremely positive industry news, and further evidence of the megatrend taking place to upgrade two-way radio hardware with Push-to-Talk Over Cellular devices. Paradigm Capital anyalst, daniel Kim noted earlier this month of the potential trend of the Push-to-Talk Over Cellular market in his coverage of Siyata Mobile. 

Daniel Kim, Paradigm Analyst Comments on Sonim Investment

This competitor news is a positive inference for Siyata Mobile. The company has just closed its private placement ($5.1M @$0.40), the company has $5.0M in net cash and $9M in working capital. As the company was working capital constrained, funds will be used to accelerate deliveries to customers. Some of which will hit the very last weeks of Q1, but more so beginning in Q2. Paradigm Capital analyst Daniel Kim notes, 

  • JVCKenwood is one the leaders in land mobile radio (LMR) – this is the technology Siyata is displacing
  • Sonim is one of the rugged device leaders (and like Siyata is a Kodiak partner providing push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC))
  • JVCKenwood announced it invested US$10M in Sonim for a “less than 10%” equity stake and a board seat (attached below). JVCKenwood’s motivation – to accelerate the development of LMR-to-LTE interoperability.

JVCKenwood clearly sees the writing on wall for its core LMR business i.e. push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) is coming and taking over. This was a very strategic move by JVCKenwood to hedge its bets. Recall Kodiak is the world’s leading PoC vendor with key partnerships with 5 handset vendors, each addressing specific verticals: Apple, Kyocera, Samsung, Sonim, and Siyata (https://kodiakptt.com/partners-and-ecosystem/handset-vendors.html). The partnership with Siyata targets professional fleets – trucks, buses, emergency vehicles and government fleets.

This article was originally posted by Kin Communications, and has been edited. 

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