Jaunt: Another Virtual Reality Start up Making Waves

Tech experts have already forecast virtual reality technology as the next big thing for consumers, after mobile smart devices. The entry of Jaunt, a company that puts reality into wearable digital screens, is bound to further enhance the experience for lovers of surround-video.

Jaunt is introducing a 360-degree video technology it refers to as “cinematic VR,” which is an entirely enhanced way to watch such videos in virtual reality. The new wearable goggles add depth and dimension to movie scenes as though they are happening in a physical world, making the experience richer for wearers. With the latest technology, a viewer sees all angles of everything around.

The company has developed technology to capture video in three dimensions and uses Oculus Rift Goggles to display them in immersive virtual reality. There is a wide array of digital reality platforms Jaunt can utilize, including Project Morpheus, which is a virtual reality wearable from Sony.

Chief executive of Jaunt, Jens Christensen, sees the company’s latest inventions as happening a lot faster than anticipated. He said Jaunt intends to give virtual reality a new meaning that transcends video games. The firm envisions a virtual reality where viewers feel like they’ve been transported to the physical environment where movie scenes are taking place.

Jaunt, which is based in Palo Alto, California, has announced a round of funding, in the latest of indications that the firm is determined to inject appreciable capital towards the development of paradigm-shifting virtual-reality technology.  A group of investors that include Sky Broadcasting of UK, Blake Krikorian, Redpoint Ventures and SV Angel have pumped $6.8 million into Jaunt.

The firm hopes to demonstrate that digital reality technology can enhance the viewer experience in more than just video games or taking virtual walks around virtual destinations of interest.

Jaunt’s new technology captures scenes in 3D with the camera put at the center of the action. The 3D scenes are then seamlessly knit together to deliver a near-perfect virtual world. The system also has a smart microphone that picks sound out in 3D, meaning it can tell which direction sound is coming from to be able to deliver the same to the ears of a virtual goggle wearer.

Watching a great movie is one thing, but having the feeling that you’re physically present at the scene of action is an even greater and richer experience. Thanks to the latest 360-degree video technology from Jaunt, theater moments have just gotten more exciting.



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