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Cannabis oils and extraction technology is big business right now. Every manufacturer claims to make the best equipment, but with limited research and market data available it’s really difficult to tell what’s accurate and true. Every company out there can’t possibly have the best extraction technology? Carbon dioxide is a pure, readily available, environmentally safe and sustainable solvent that leaves no residue or toxic by-products when used to extract quality cannabis. And every cannabis company with a lab out there is touting the best proprietary method, tech, machine, etc when it comes to CO2 extraction. But after Rosy Mondin’s overview of Quadron Cannatech(CSE: QCC) and their proprietary equipment, I think I finally found the one company that deserves bragging rights. Introducing, THE BOSS.

This machine is amazing. It is more automated than most machines on the market right now. Built by industry experts, the BOSS is the answer to the question, “Why do we have to take down walls to install a high maintenance, energy consuming CO2 extraction machine?” Let’s take a look at Quadron’s newly launched creation from the heart of their subsidiary, Soma Labs:


  1. The BOSS’ footprint is about the size of a coffee table (two coffee tables if you include the chiller)
  2. The machine has only a 4 hour processing timecompared to the industry average (typically 8-10 hours from bud to oil)
  3. Easy plug and play (1 hour to set up, turn on, train and go)
  4. It takes only 1 person to run 2 machines, compared to 3-4 people running one of the standard ginormous CO2 machines out there now
  5. Payback for the machine could theoretically happen in a matter of weeks when considering savings of time, labour, energy and overall output.

The incredibly slick design, size and automation propels the BOSS immediately ahead of the herd. Digging deeper, this machine can process around 12,000 kilos of cannabis a year. A one-vessel (45L) BOSS can process 18-20 pounds of cannabis in a four hour cycle; add another vessel and you have the 90L BOSS DUO, allowing for seamless continuous (consecutive) production.

Rosy, a respected thought-leader in this space, would add:

“Our fabricator, a very friendly party that we’ve known for 8+ years, is a military contractor – so our vessels are fabricated to military grade precision… because that’s what he does.”

Nothing has been spared in the engineering and design of this CO2 extractor. The BOSS is manufactured with food grade stainless steel, and it’s certified up the ying yang (ASME, CRN, CUL, CSA and UL).

There are 2 plugs, and it operates off the same power requirements as a clothes dryer (220V).

Quadron Cannatech Cannabis Oil Extract

It extracts beautifully, and the machine’s cleaning requirements are far less frequent, less time consuming and less convoluted compared to competitor’s machines. Also, the mechanical maintenance and downtime is less as well, with fewer plumbing issues (seals, gaskets, pumps breaking down, weekly at times). But, if anything does go wrong, it has push technology through its very own server, so the technician, and the engineering team are alerted right away.

This product is going to sell – I will be surprised if they can keep up with demand after they showcase this gorgeous Cannabis Keurig on Steroids at the Las Vegas MJBiz Conference in mid Nov. (If you are attending, you will find Quadron’s team under the name Soma Lab Scientific at booth #4032).  Yes the BOSS will be there too, so expect a crowded booth.

The yields are similar to other CO2 extractors, but imagine the cost savings with each cycle taking half the time and less energy requirement. Factor in less mechanical issue along the way as well with the engineering and design being at such a high military-level standard.

Soma Labs Scientific and How the BOSS was Born

Soma Labs built this machine, because they needed to use it.

Their in-house team of chemists are leaders in extract science, engaging in ongoing research and development for extract testing, formulation, and product development.

“We’ve experienced the same frustrations as so many others in this industry having used other CO2 systems on the market and working with different extraction methods and technology. When we purchased our first CO2 extractor we laboured through months of set-up with the manufacturer and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for installation costs and facility upgrades. Even after that, the system still produced low-quality product and low yield. And so The BOSS was born.”

All equipment and processes are used in their own research labs for continual process improvement and R&D feedback. Experience in cannabis science and related technologies pushed this team to the leading edge as a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative extraction and processing equipment.

“We set out to change the game. With a background in growing medical cannabis, as well as with supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction, our Lead Designer/Mad Inventor, Shane Lander, created The BOSS CO2Extraction System to alleviate the headaches extract producers have faced for years; including overly complex set-up and operation, inconsistent output, yield and more.”

The Boss is a self-contained system that comes with heat exchanges and hoses (no installation required). There is a water pump, two containers of soma solution, a clamp opening tool and a torque wrench, a vacuum for removal of spent material and an 18 month warranty. It also comes with a maintenance kit that includes 2 spare particle screens, 2 pressure vessel sealing rings, pump seal kit, temperature probe and a sealing ring for the extraction vessel.

Going Forward

This is a turning point for Quadron the public company. The cannabis market last year amounted to a whopping $6.7 billion in North America. Oils are trending, steadily increasing their share of this market every year. Combine a product like the BOSS with oil-based products being all the rage – add to that a strong team, and Quadron is well positioned to lead the future markets of high-quality, low-cost CO2  extraction.

(Do your own due diligence, this is not investment advice.)

THE BOSS Quadron


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