K92 Exceeds Expectations on Production News

By Kevin Silva
In baseball, there are batters that hit for singles, while others swing for the fences.
The technical team at K92 Mining Inc. (TSX.V: KNT) has just shown that they hit for the fences, as they put out production news that has over delivered,, with total production of 23,400 tonnes mined versus the 13,645 tonnes scheduled in the company’s previously released AMDAD (Australian Mine and Design Pty) mining plan. Additionally, the company notes that the Process Plant treated just under 12,000 tonnes in March, and has regularly achieved over 600 tonnes per day, which is well above design throughput.
To top it off, grade control drilling and sampling for the initial mining area, comprising stopes and development from 1205 mRL to 1265 mRL levels and between 59450 North and 59700 North, defines 38% more tonnes and 13% more ozs than the AMDAD design.
Detailed design work incorporating all results from the grade control drilling and face samples has defined a total of 35,716 tonnes at a grade of 6.53 g/t Au (25,446 tonnes @ 6.20g/t Au Measured Resource and 10,260 tonnes @ 7.35 g/t Indicated Resource) as remaining to be mined from initial stopes and 1,175 tonnes at a grade of 7.52 g/t Au (Indicated Resource) to be mined from the 1250 mRL level.
K92 President, Bryan Slusarchuk, notes, “The technical team, led by John Lewins, has been very focused on a successful re-start of operations at the Irumafimpa Deposit, and today’s announcement indicates that this has been achieved. The fact that initial performance is outstripping the AMDAD plan in many ways is a testament to the team that John has been able to attract to this project.
“Now, with production firmly established, we can look to the blue sky that Kora and other areas of the property present for expansion purposes. When K92 acquired this 400 sq km land package from Barrick Gold, we saw the same thing then that we see today — the same things we believe caused Alex Davidson, former Executive VP of Barrick, to join K92. And, that is that this has world-class exploration and expansion potential. In coming weeks, we look forward to sharing with you our progress on that front.”
In addition to the successful production announcement this week, K92 has also announced they are conducting exploration work in other areas of the property, and that they are driving underground from Irumafimpa to Kora. When drilling commences from underground set-ups along that drive, things are bound to get very exciting.
The underground drilling has game-changer potential. With a team now established as a group willing to swing for the fences, things could get very interesting when the drill bit starts turning.

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